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My first day ..

on September 1, 2008

My first day in class..
managed to bergedik2 with the kyosu yg aku nk toka ke kelas pg and he bagi! yeay~
memula aku panic.. haha
sbb yg aku susun before start kelas tu macam sampah okeh..
merate gile..
walaupun kelas jumaat tiade and kamis is a half day..
sorry lahhh
i know. i will wasting my kamis and jumaat dengan beronggeng bagai instead of studying..
so bia weekdays aku dipenuhi kelas ..
then unix system programming pun camtu gak.
aku men masuk aje..
tp ok la..
the PPT dlm English..plus ive got the book from belajar kat college dulu.
so save la 20 000 won..
esok got 2 session more for Unix and then elektif.
ntah tak tahula nk amik ke x..
tp mcm malas..
coz now aku nk amik byk major je..
skrg elektif mcm da ckup..
major aje da 4 subjects == 12 credit hours..
x pandai gak aku ni x tau la kan.

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