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on September 8, 2008

Since today dr pg adelah hari utk mendaftarkan kelas menukar kelas bagai.. + i couldnt sleep..
aku pun terus x tido dr lepas buke smpi la ke sahur then end up lepas bebuka balik semula..
means.. almost 24hours..
and yes..
aku terpisat2 masuk kelas dr kul 11 n habis pkl 5..
oh kyosu unix tu ajar satu ape pun x masuk..
aku siap terlentok2 lg ok..
aku rase die perasan..
haishh.. memalukan..
dh la first week study..
and aku end up x sahur pun smalam..
just minum susu sket. .
then terus melayan cerite sbb takut x terbangun nk register kelas kan..

i finally got all the subjects that i want to.
ade 1 je x dpt..
tp tapelah..
hmm need to study harder coz i have to talk 4 major subjects means 12 credit hours.. and it’s su*ck..

ughh.. the pillow is calling for me..

3 Responses to “Unwell”

  1. jue says:

    hehehe.. selamat berpose di Korea..

  2. jue says:

    i link ur blog from mine ya!

  3. selamat berpuasa jugak to u 🙂
    i will link yours plak kat sini eh 🙂

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