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Korea Muslim Tour

on September 9, 2008


Sesiapa yang teringin nk melawat Korea Selatan pada musim sejuk akan datang ni dengan tanpa was was boleh lah hubungi aku. Untuk pakej pun ade and untuk yang nak flight tickets pun ade jugak.

Someone mtk tlg letakkan list tmpt akan dilawati sepanjang dlm tempoh melancong ke Korea ni..

here  they are:

Tour code: 081230 6D4N Korea Ski Namyi Mt Sorak Seoul Breakout Show
Tour leader: your majesty
Publish rate: RM3640
Special rate: RM3590 (only for blog reader)

Day 01       Kuala Lumpur ~ Incheon
Depart from Kuala Lumpur by flight to Seoul, the south city of Korea.

Day 02        Incheon ~ Ski Resort                                             (LD)
Upon arrival, meet and be greeted by our representative. Visit to the Gyeongbok Palace was the main palace during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It is the most comprehensive and grandest of the five palaces of the Joseon Dynasty. National Folk Museum – which houses 4,300 relics from the prehistoric age to the modern times. Drive pass The Blue House the symbol of the Blue House, which is at the center of Korean politics. After lunch, proceed to Ski Resort.

Day 03     Ski Resort ~ Mt Sorak                                     (BLD)
After breakfast, explore the drama props, royal dishes and costumes created for the scenes. You may have a great chance to experience a playing ski with high quality snow. (Excluded ski equipments). Thereafter, proceed to Mt. Sorak National Park – one of the most beautiful national parks in Korea with its granite peaks, lush green valleys and dense forest.

Day 04     Mt Sorak  ~ Seoul                                         (BLD)
This morning, proceed to Yongin Everland (one day pass)- is a huge theme park, which includes a zoo and botanical garden. Everland has three distinct themes, Festival World, Caribbean Bay and Speedway. Festival World has a global fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Equatorial Adventure. Each was built with it’s own uniqueness and style. Next shopping at Dongdaemun Market – which is Korea’s representative wholesale and retail market. Tonight Hangang River Ferry Cruise – is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery around Hangang River that flows through Seoul.

Day 05        Seoul                                                 (BLD)
This morning experience Kimchi making section and knowing about the history, nutrition, demonstration and tasting process, there is an opportunity for you to wear Korean traditional costume Han-Bok. Next to International Mosque & shopping at Namdaemun Market – is the biggest traditional market in Korea selling children’s clothing, men & women’s clothing, daily miscellaneous goods, kitchenware and local and imported products. Enjoy the Breakout Show at night.

Day 06        Seoul ~ Kuala Lumpur                                          (B)
This morning, you will also stop by at the Ginseng Center, Amethyst Factory.  At last shopping to buy some local product and souvenir for you to bring home then transfer to the airport for your flight back to KUL

Saper nak join my new year kat Ski Resort di Korea yang aman, sila emailkan quotation anda ke rakan saya di  syazwan@ainarabiatravel.com.my

atau call di 0355131200 / 014 296 4440.


p/s: Harap terus contact Syazwan untuk bertanya anything atay untuk dptkan quoatation ok??? Saya hanya promote sahaje.

Thank youuuu againnn~~

64 Responses to “Korea Muslim Tour”

  1. ana says:

    hi…salam..sy memang teringin nak pi korea..expecially tempat shooting winter sonata..kalau dapat pegi mase winter pun best jugak..bole tak saya dapatkan price package untuk 2 org, so that sy bole budget2..tengs :32:

  2. sakinah says:

    am planning to go to south korea this middle december in a group for several days . maybe starting 10 or 11 dec 2010 la . ade ta pakej yg plg murah & berlainan skit dr pakej laen sbb i have been to korea once, so pkir2 na pegi lg skali, tp tmpat lain plak . thxs ^^ :32:

  3. Zaharah Mansor says:

    Dear Ms Sakinah,

    Saya ada group nak ke Korea pada 16 Dec -20 Dec 2010. Harga package RM3100/-
    5 Hari 4 Malam…..fullboard ( Harga Bersih ). Kalau nak joint group ni sila
    email shahira709@yahoo.com

    Terima Kasih
    Zaharah Mansor

  4. Shereen says:


    Ada List package untuk tahun 2011 tak..jika boleh tak nak yang mahal sangat…Tq

  5. taufiq says:

    de x pakej ke korea 5d4n/6d5n akhir tahun ni?lepas SPM
    4 pax

  6. juliza says:

    promotion tahun 2011 or planing 2012 ada x?

  7. nadyia says:

    gediks boleh x u bg quotation untuk berbulan madu yang murah untuk 2 orang..muslim tour yer…

  8. Boleh direct ke website yang saya bagi tu ye. Thanks

  9. rina says:


    saya ada group yg nak pergi korea hujung thn ni lepas SPM..
    Tarikh: 22 dis 2011 – 28 dis 2011.
    Harga RM 3050 (Fullboard) per pax..
    Kepada sesiapa yg berminat blh email ke rinaz_898@yahoo.com.my.
    Saya akan send quotation kat email anda..TQ

  10. Rosila says:

    im planning to go to korea this Sept 2011
    do u hv any package during that time?

  11. Salam,

    Zaitun Palestine visiting your blog.

    TQ 😀

  12. Salam,

    Zaitun Palestine is visiting your blog.


  13. cassira says:

    ada pakej percutian untuk tahun 2012

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