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Before & After

on September 27, 2008

Ni both pics yg aku gune utk bg kat pertandingan KUK arituh.. The pengajur ckp bole edit.. Since I was only using the hp’s camera yg 2.0mp so i have to make some changes to the pics so kenela tunjuk macho sket kat kalangan kamera mahai2 tu kan??

First pic

okeh  aritu hujan renyai2 mcm itik lenggang kangkung.. so kna la terangkn sikit gmbr + color contrast + a lil bloom supaye nmpk mcm kat ala2 fairytale punye tmn gitteww..aooww :27:

hasilnye… jd la model ku sangat comel..


Second pic

as i said.. very the gelap..so tambhkan back lighting.. color contrast + bla bla.. i used photoshop and photoscape to both pics.. and the result?

the quality of gmbr is not good tp not badlah kn..aku mmg x power bab2 edit gmbr ni.. :04:

p/s: credit to Ratna jd model aku.. :16:

p/s: sorry aku rase bahase tu kali ni mcm mmg bercelaru..malas nk betulkan..aku da ngantuk semenarnye ni.. :tido:

2 Responses to “Before & After”

  1. ratna says:

    bersinar sinar dowh muke aku… :27: :27: :27: :27: :12: :12: :12:

  2. ko kan model aku.. mestila kene comel2 and bercahaye2 .. ngahahahah~ :joget:

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