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Amazing Race Asia 3

on October 13, 2008

smlm bantai tak tido habiskan nengok tv show ni..
my feveret but baru tgk dr ARA2 mase last winter balik cuti msia

selame ni x tau mane nk tgk kan selain AStro kat rumah aku tp smlm smlm kak ain ckp dey all tgk through surfthechannel.com

Sekarang dah masuk episod 5..

oh wakil Malaysia adelah:

  • Bernie / Henry – sister / brother

Bernie ni pengacare Project Runway Malaysia / actress.. and her partner is her brother.. seorang chef.. aku rase both of them sangat strong and sangat sangat berusaha utk menang.. dorg mcm dah menang 2 episods kan u all?

  • Ida Nerina / Tania – Best friend

Ida Nerina as we know adelah seorang pelakon while her friend ni adelah heiress seorang web developer.. dorg ok and very enjoying all the tasks that have been given.. but not to talk like a very very muslimah sejati lakan.. how come they can eat all those stuffs? uwekk.. the stinky tofu lah.. frog la.. maggots la..  duck’s blood la..scorpions la.. i read some of the comments.. and haha.. biasela.. socialite.. or bersangke baik.. maybe yg “halal” lakan..

  • AD / Fuzzie – Friends for 15 years

This season x mcm last season kot.. Last season lagi dramatik.. eventho they picked normal people.. season kali ni ramai nau selebriti.. so.. ughh they like to control and blah blah.. x de la minat sangat pun.. but i enjoyed wathing the Singapore team.. they cool.. haha..

  • Geoff / Tisha – Dating

Both of them are from Phillipines and I dont really like Geoff generally sebab die ni mcm typical lelaki.. sangat rude, panas baran x penyabar bla bla but personally die sangatla baik jugak kat gf die ok.. but right now gf die ni mcm dah x berape suke sgt kat Geoff ni.. haih..

  • Vince / Sam – Friends

From HK.. funny loh.. hehehe they are leading this coming episode.. i dont have any specific fav team but im more concern to watch team from Malaysia. of course.. Im a Malaysian meh.. =)

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