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[Redmummy contest]Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa(2008)

on October 14, 2008

**will be sticky for few days.pls scroll nahhhhh~~~**

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Sesapa yang pernah tengok cite Madagascar 1.. mesti confirm xleh lupa..

hehehehe i watched the previous movie with en gacets and hell yeah. we laughed sehingga air mata berjurai2 keluar tanpe rase bersalah..


aku paling tak tahan penguin melampau lawak itu okeh..

so the 2nd movie is back!! to memecahkan hempedu pankreas aku for the sekian kalinyaaa..

Since my morning was not so good.. (sebab aku malas nk bgn g kelas) and sambil2 kat Student Centre ni aku bukak blog redmummy.. dan as always.. redmummy x pernah hampekan aku ngan bermacam2 surprise.. and sebab redmummy jugak.. i never give up to be a true blogger.. or what we called blogger tegar.. muahaha..

so die buat contest untuk dpt free tickets ..Quote from her blog..


What you need to do to entitle you to win the Madagascar Free Tickets:

1. Post an entry in your blog displaying the Madagascar’s banner (the top one).

2. Link redmummy’s blog in your Madagascar’s entry.

3. Answer these 2 questions in your Madagascar’s entry.

  • Character Alex – what animal is that?
  • I should be getting the free tickets because ……… (in less than 15 words – you may write in English or Malay)

4. Once done, come back to this post and leave comment saying  you have uploaded the Madagascar’s entry displaying your Madagascar’s link that you just posted.

5. All entries must be posted in your blog before 21st October 2008, Tuesday at 8pm.


My Answers:

  1. DONE! dah letak banner dah!
  2. DONE! dah linkkan redmummy punye link in my entry!
  3. Alex is a lion and of course.. the main character of the film!
  4. Saya patut mendapat tiket percuma ini kerana…. sebagai pengganti duit raya dari saya yang jauh di Korea buat adik-beradik saya di Malaysia.
  5. Entry ini disiapkan pada 14hb October 2008, 12pm.




4 Responses to “[Redmummy contest]Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa(2008)”

  1. Zuan says:

    wei rugi la wei 3 November screening kat malaysia bagi ai jer la nanti tiket tu :31: :07:

  2. mmg aok nye la klau dpt wehhhhh…
    koi kat korea mner nk tgk nyeeeeeee :nangis:

  3. PakciQue.TK says:

    Gud Lux…

    Kalau menang..mintak sekeping…leh? ahakz..

    Pakcique.TK – Madagascar 2

  4. hehehe.. good luck to u too 🙂

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