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Screw yeuuu!

on October 22, 2008

AKU mmg benci gilaa bile ade orang yg ade perasaan PHD(perasaan hasad dengki) yang melampau2 kat orang lain..

arghh BODOH gila kau x patut hidup weyh..

mnyusahkan orang lain aje..

it is okay la to know if the pengeji or pencarut org yg kite kenal kan? but hey.. only people with no ass aje suke main kutuk2 keji2 ikut email ni okey..

Since my closest person i know right now is having difficult time .. im so sympathy!!..

Mari doa perempuan or lelaki yg sial itu kene balik ape yg sepatutnye..

Hey it is not good to caci other’s parents ok!..

Kalau nak kutuk maki caci pun better be face to face.. not try to hide ur identity yg keji gila busuk tuh..



p/s: i really feel like to sing..”I Like To Move It, Move It with Madagascar 2!”!!

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