T. H . E . G E D I K S heart always in K O R E A

The diary of a gediks student, lover, wife and mommy who once lived in South Korea..NOW she's living her own life but her heart always in KOREA =)


on November 3, 2008

gambar wajib amek lepas siap.. and nk kua.. har har har.. buruk pun cakap lawa gak.. x kire.. hahaha..eh muke cam garang kan???

ok snappy snappy 1 more time.. ok ni comel.. haha boleh kua dah.. jom~~

ni pkl 3.30 pm ok.. aku sampai W Convention Hall tu pkl 6.00pm.. habis cair make up aku.. haihh.. hahaha susah duk kampung ni kan.. nk melawa pun jadi x lawa dh..

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