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on November 7, 2008

today nak buat promotion for my friend’s online shopping website..


Mereka (she and her sister) menjual tudung dubai, tudung hamidah dan tudung anggerik.. nak tau tudung yg jenis camne?

Tudung Dubai

Tudung Anggerik

Tudung Hamidah

They just opened the shop.. so ape lagi?? pergi la terjah website merekaaaa~~ mmg lawa2.. and definitely kain made from Dubai la tudung2 ni.. and they also buat tutorial nk pakaki tudung Dubai ni..

pls click here utk tutorial memakai tudung Dubai:


they will upload how to wear tudung Anggerik and tudung Hamidah soon! :12:

Cepat pergi terjah koranggg!! :27:

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  1. sarakay says:


    Thanx for your support. Terharu I.

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