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The diary of a gediks student, lover, wife and mommy who once lived in South Korea..NOW she's living her own life but her heart always in KOREA =)


on April 3, 2009

Ok ok..
kontrol macho..
xboleh happy sangat lah..
tp aku mmg mood mcm ok ok sikit la arini
walaupun kelas mmg la agak pack kan..

plus busy pk nk msk ape utk Yassin esok..
wahh siap pk resepi lagik..
haha mcm laaa x kenal basirah kan..
ha x kenal sudeyy..

thaks zillion zillion times to my not-so-muncet-nowadays-because-he-gigih-weight-lifting-everyday
you made my day !!

yet…u make my life happier and more happier!

harap2 la berkekalan sehingga ke jinjang pelamin sehingga anak cucu dan mahupun cicit..
thanks laling..

i really need some booster to start my exam mood so i can finish my study here and going back for good..

semoga anda dimurahkan rezeki..

so bolehla bagi emas banyak2 lagi yek??

next time?? i want more GOLD! 😛

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