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AL-Fatihah to my uncle

on May 13, 2009

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Berite ni dari last week..

tp baru dpt link from my sis..

He (we called him Wak Khir) who always smile and very funny guy ..

Buat lawak sesaje je..

very menyenangkan hati la..

Bila da macam ni..

baru aku mcm terpk..

tadi aku br je ckp kat en tunang aku mcm tibe2 rase sedih after balik dr Simposium Kerjaya dan Halatuju @ Nami Island anjuran PPMK tu..

rasa mcm berdebar2 and very annoying punye feeling x pnah rase mcm ni..

I just keep it myself la few days ni..

aku ckp aku mcm x bersedia nak tinggalkan sume2 yg ade sekarang ni..

yes.. aku adalah penakut untukย  mengalami perubahan.. yg perubahan drastik lagi lah aku tak boleh..

from now..aku da tau dah.. da sampai masa nanti aku kene tinggalkan Korea jugak..

balik Msia.. carik keje.. kahwin.. and have another level of my life kan..

tp stil weyhh ๐Ÿ™

rase mcm wahh.. 6 thn adalah sangat melampau cepat..


i dont feel like im 24 right now..

rase mcm still sweet 18 .. baru habis SPM and nak enjoy-menjoyy..

tp.. bile heard about Wak Khir’s news..

rase mcm..

waahh. xboleh imagine yang i couldnt see him anymore even aku da balik nanti..

Wak Yunos also.. dah mengadap Ilahi last years or 2 years ago ๐Ÿ™

and i just knew it this year ..

aku tak salahkan my family sebab tak beritahu or maybe dorg pun mcm tak terpk nk bitau at that time since aku adalah far away dari rumah melampau lama dah kan..

and now..

both of them couldnt come to my wedding ๐Ÿ™

ohh sedihnyeee..

Aku dah la missed banyak sgt weddings and family events and juge kelahiran baby2 cousins dan anak buah yang makin lame makin ramai..


I wana go home ๐Ÿ™

but i dont know how to adapt new environment la nanti..


P/s: Harap who read this pls sedekah Al-Fatihah to my beloved uncle..THANKs~

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