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Baked chicken with potato wedges

on May 18, 2009


memang skali masak utk 2 portion.. dinner and lunch skali.. nyam2


Hanya org tertentu je tau mane dpt ayam ni…muahahaha


baked potato wedges ni mmg resepi sendiri.. memula basuh bersih2 potato tu potong wedges then season je with salt pepper ngan daun parsley..then masuk oven bakar sampai masak.. jimat xyah beli kat supermarket dh..

2 Responses to “Baked chicken with potato wedges”

  1. aju says:

    ayam nampak cam sedap..
    camna wat?

  2. ayam tu memula di bbq…pastu bile da sejuk..x sedap sgtla..
    perap lg skali with thousand island then bakar terus camtu je 🙂

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