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Cerita terbaru Sophia Ridza

on May 20, 2009

Ok Ok..
aku pernah buat sekali update pasal die kan?
lepas tu menderu2 la org dtg masuk blog ni and mintak email lah YM lah.. alamat lah..
facebook lah..
harap maklum..

Semua maklumat adalah PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL…

buat masa ni.. Sophia Ridza ade je kat Malaysia..
sekali-sekala akan ikut trip travel ke Korea Selatan bersama travellers lain..
travel mane aku tak pasti..
nnti aku tanye die kalau berkesempatan ye..

4 Responses to “Cerita terbaru Sophia Ridza”

  1. just a fan says:

    she’s a public figure now..
    ramai gile peminat even just from afar..
    kene la phm kalu org nk tau pasal dia kn2..
    plus she’s a good example to others to strugle and
    study hard. neways..xpela kalu xnk gtau da psl sophia
    kt kitorg.. jus kem salam kt dia ye..ws

  2. syiera says:

    admire giler kat dye..
    one of my icon..
    succes in life babe :))
    like herr !
    i wish i can meet her 😀 :16:

  3. hehe i hope u can meet her too 🙂 she’s super nice!

  4. ckin says:

    i really admire her…hope to meet her smedays..got a lot of question 4 her..:)P

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