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She did it again!! :P

on June 19, 2009

Last time when Miu did a contest.. i kenot join okehh..

and this time..

just for fun! because its kinda comel okkk about what we have  to do the task before she can give away the 2 tickets to watch Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen at GSC MIDVALLEY! wohooott..

and she organized this contest sempena hari jadinyaaa..

mari kita nyanyii beramai-ramai~~~





yeayyy *clap clap clapppppp*

Nak dijadikan cerita.. aku terlompat masuk dlm blog Miu which is plusizekitten.blogspot.com/ mase aku tgh google pasal  sales and  beauty stuffs la..

AS USUALLL~~ kalo tak Youtube make up tutorials.. blog si Miu la aku terjah..carik bahan2 best and the best review ever brand in her blog?? STILA~~~

yeayyy~~sesiapa STILA fan boleh la membuat lawatan Mak Lijah ke blog Miu ye!!

eventho kat Korea ni STILA adalah melampau mahal..dan STILA di Korea adalah tidak sefemes di Malaysia..

tp sangat sedihhh.. STILA da tak de kat MSIA OKKK!

baru je aku berangan balik nnti nak menyinggah  tgk2 kat STILA counters kan..

huhhh mimpi je lahhhh~~

oh back to my story..

Blog ni penuh dgn ape yang setiap perempuan cam aku nak..penuh dgn cerita about shopping, sales, make up stuffs, girl stuffs, COMPLETE OK!

dlm 1 blog.. which is SANGAT LAH BEST..plus.. she likes to do beauty hauls..

dan walaupun kita tak membeli.. tgk blog die with all the products that she bought aje da ckup BAHAGIAAA je rase hidup .. *muke serious ni*

ok..cite contest itu.. i copy paste from ur blog MIU!!


The Contest:
Snap a picture of yourself wishing my blog Happy Birthday! (make it sexy/hot/cool/anything) Blogged about this, tell me why etc & leave the entry form as comment in this blog post. It’s that easy! All you need to do is impress me & you might win! You can group up with other bloggers to take a group photo (and all of u might be selected!) and or you and your hubby/bf/friend can wish me too! (to be fair so I can give u 2 tickets). If your bf/friend/hubby shy, then you gotta spiced up your photo honey!
So HOW to win a pair of tickets?
1. Blog your entry! if you don’t have a blog then email me your entry 🙂
2. Impressed me with a photo of you wishing me happy birthday!
3. Impressed me even more with a group photo!
4. Show me transformer pose/tell me u love me/butter me up/etc anything lah I’m quite no face nowadays hahahhaa u get the idea for the photo!
5. Spread the word by blogging & maybe I’ll make u a winner too!
Name: Basirah@THE G.E.D.I.K.S in KOREA
Location: KL,Shah Alam,Cheras
Are u my Blog Follower: YES YES YES!  I READ and I do check your blog everyday..  so it is important to follow your blog.
Blog: www.gediks.com

Birthday Greeting: Happy Birthday dear Miu!~ In Korea we said Saengil chukha haeyo!!~ I hope you will always have time to update your blog because my day will be empty without  your new entries. First day I read your blog, I finished all the entries in 1 night and since that day, I click your blog 3-5 times a day..haha(MACAM STALKER PUN ADE!!)  I love love love to do what other girls like to do..such as shoppings, sales, make up and stuffs so THANKKKK YOUUU SOOO MUCHIE MUCHIE to you! YES! YOU! Because your blog has all the informations that girls always wanted..ALL in 1 blog! MACAM ASTRO PLAK KAN?? SEMUA PUN ADA 😛  And you are such a sweet and beautiful girl and really adore your life with your boyfriend..like selamba gilaa.. I hope you will be always happy and please do more entries  because I love to watch people’s hauls and reviews! LOVE YOU and your BLOG millions times!

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