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Weekend best!

on February 8, 2010

Thank you yang!..

For all!

You never fail to make me smile and I hope I can smile forever and ever.. cehwahh jiwang!

eh tapi betul lah..

sometimes kena appreciate apa yang Allah dah bagi depan mata and sometimes kena dedicate my perasaan and write it down here.. my life journal..

At least later-later boleh bukak and tengok balik..so I hope I can remember all the great memories and moments with you lah kan..
ohh jiwang jiwangggg..


update untuk this weekend later-later..

btw saya adalah demam dalam 3-4 hari lepas tu yang tak berupdate je blog ni..

good nite korang!

4 Responses to “Weekend best!”

  1. lily lotus says:

    hohoho..happy nya dia! teruskan berhappy2 yer

  2. teja144 says:

    tumpang tanye. barang kat korea ni sgt2 mahal ke?

  3. thanks kak lily! saye doa akak selalu happy jugee bersame keluarge tercinta!

  4. ouh humm mahal jugak la nak compare dgn ringgit

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