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Her milestone

on June 5, 2012

Finally..! Today is mommy’s first day at work after almost 2months++..
so mommy takde kerja lagi ni ..
amik kesempatan nak update Maryam’s milestone..
baru perasan dari dia lahir takde pun letak gambar dia..
too bad..
sebab gambar – gambar ni akan jadi kesayangans when she grows up nanti..

Last check up at 38 weeks.. 1 day before =) .. look how big my tummy back then!! arghhhhh :p

Day 1 – Few hours after went out from the Operation Theater .. muka pun kembang lagi.. eeee pipi tuu mommy gerammm lahh

1 month / 1st time check up/vaccination – tak cukur jambul lagi ni.. lebat kemain rambut.. kiki..  Maryam tak nampak macam 1 bulan.. nampak dah few months dah!

2 months/2nd check up/vaccination – dah cukur jambul tapi rambut cepat betul tumbuh… tak boleh biar panjang sangat nanti Maryam panas.. Maryam ni puteri lilin 🙂 time mommy pregnant pun mommy tak pakai selimut tidur dalam aircond.. time pantang pun sama.. mommy selimut dia tak nak bedung taknak selimut… panas!

Latest gambar – hobby baru main saliva dia… beriya mommy and daddy lap air liur tu.. takpelah nak.. main lah if itu yang buat you happy.. mommy n daddy loves u so so so much!

One Response to “Her milestone”

  1. farra says:

    maryam is so cute… ^^

    welcome back…

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