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Little surprise

on May 10, 2013


Galaxy S2 dah tak berbaju..lama dah..ku luah kan la kat husband cakap s2 ni dah xde casing.. nanti calar… ku nak beli baru..
end up dia cakap..

alahhh..sayang ni!! spoilt lahh .. nak buat surprise mesti xboleh.. abang dah order dah on the way..

and dalam hati sangat sayu dan sangat gembira .. thats why i love this man so much! 🙂

dia take care all these lil things that most men would not care but he is.. 🙂

ku tak perlu gelang emas berbelit belit mahupun designer handbag yg beribu – ribu..

but these lil present melt my heart :’)

thank you abang! 😉

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