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@ 37 weeks

on April 13, 2015



Baby @ 37 weeks!

Fuh! Mommy tak sangka macam cepat pulak yang 2nd pregnancy ni dah masuk 37 weeks. We (as Mommy, Daddy and Kakak Maryam) are waiting for you to see us very very soon!

Pregnancy kali ni agak mencabar tapi tak berapa rasa compared to time kakak Maryam.

Maybe sebab mommy pun busy melayan kakak Maryam.

Sakit kejap-kejap datang.. Denggi lah.. infection in blood lah.. batuk berpanjangan lah.. Kudis-kudis kat kaki lah.. but i don’t mind at all!


Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya untuk kami sekeluarga.

Amin ya robbal alamin!

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